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Flying Tigers

Roar n Soar

Flying Tigers - American Volunteer Group
April 16 2004


Kermit Weeks  with
Squadron Leader 
David Lee "Tex" Hill
1st time in TP-40 Warhawk since 1942

Frank Boring

official home page of The Flying Tigers

P-40 Warhawk


Claire Chennault

Books: (Barnes and Noble)
Flying Tigers:
Claire Chennault and the American Volunteer Group

by Daniel Ford
This history of the men and machines that challenged
Japan in Asia before and during WWII
is drawn from military records and flight logs

Remains: A story of the Flying Tigers
by Daniel Ford
A novel of the Flying Tigers—American volunteer pilots
who defended Burma at the outbreak of the Pacific War

The Lady and the Tigers:
Remembering the Flying Tigers of World War II

by Daniel Ford, Olga Greenlaw
Olga Greenlaw kept the War Diary of
the American Volunteer Group--the Flying Tigers