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Cypress Gardens Adventure Park
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Nature's Way
May 3 2005
May 3 2005
May 26 2005May 26 2005
Kent Buescher,
owner of Cypress Gardens Adventure Park
May 26 2005May 26 2005
May 26 2005
Ribbon-cutting Kicks off Memorial Weekend Celebration
May 26 2005

May 28 2005
“Zoboomafoo” features Zoboo

May 28 2005
Jeff Corwin from Animal Planet

May 26 2005

Cypress Gardens Announces:
Nature’s Way Grand Re-Opening
Ribbon-cutting Kicks off Memorial Weekend Celebration
A beautifully renovated Nature’s Way celebrates it’s grand re-opening this Memorial Day weekend
at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park with a series of special activities,
including a visit from  Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin,
a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a favorite children’s show and a concert.
The festivities get kicked off Thursday, May 26th at 11 am
with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a special tour for local dignitaries.
The fun continues throughout the weekend as the hit PBS children’s show “Zoboomafu
comes to the park for live performances Friday through Monday.
Animal Planet’s own Jeff Corwin, visits Cypress Gardens on Saturday from 1-4 pm
for an autograph and photo opportunity with the guests.

Jeff Corwin : Internet Movie Database
Jeff Corwin : Wikipedia encyclopedia
"Zoboomafoo" : Internet Movie Database

Winter Haven News Chief
Friday, May 27, 2005
Animals inhabit Gardens

Nature's Way opens, is home to 150 species
Birds and jaguars and alligators, oh my!
It was a literal zoo at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park on Thursday as park officials,
guests and local dignitaries celebrated the opening of Nature's Way.
The restored area of the park is now home to more than 150 animals,
including wallabies, muntjac, ducks, lemurs and goats.
The park's most famous resident is Tarzan,
a 75-year-old, 700-pound, blind alligator who starred with
Johnny Weissmueller in the Tarzan movies.
Because the alligator is blind, animal trainers must splash his food
- raw chicken - in front of Tarzan so he can sense it is nearby.
A female jaguar named Sheba also calls Nature's Way home,
moving from the Everglades to Winter Haven to become a full-time resident.
"We've brought the animal component and nature
back to a great park like Cypress Gardens,"
said Kent Buescher, owner of Cypress Gardens Adventure Park.
"It has turned out to be a beautiful, beautiful area
with wonderful animals already here and many more coming."
Many of the animals housed at Nature's Way were purchased from breeders,
while others came from rescue organizations.

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Johnny Weissmueller : Internet Movie Database
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Date of birth: June 2 1904 - Date of death: January 20 1984

Swamp Creature Reptile Show
May 20 2005
May 20 2005May 20 2005
May 20 2005May 20 2005

Location Show - A on Map

May 3 2005
May 28 2005
May 20 2005
May 3 2005 May 3 2005
May 3 2005

May 20 2005
_?_  (above)
Blue-and-Yellow Macaw  (right)

May 20 2005

May 3 2005
African Pygmy Goat

May 26 2005
May 3 2005May 3 2005
May 20 2005
Green Iguana
May 20 2005
Nile Crocodile
May 20 2005
American Alligator
May 3 2005
Sulcata Tortoise
May 20 2005
view from Sunshine Sky Adventure ride






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