Cypress Gardens Adventure Park, Winter Haven, Florida!
Cypress Gardens Adventure Park
Kent Buescher, owner



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The Botanical Gardens
The Ski Show
The Ice Show
The Southern Belles
The Rides
Nature's Way - animal area
Wild West Shenani-Guns
More to see at Cypress Gardens
Grand Opening Ceremony - December 9, 2004

- Photos of Cypress Gardens Under Construction -

Thunder Bolt Drop Tower -
Little Shot Drop Tower
Florida Giant Ferris Wheel -
Double Carousel - Tilt-A-Whirl
Wooden Coaster
Wave Runner Water Coaster
Crocodile Suspended Coaster
Storm Surge Jr. Coaster
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Are digital cameras now more popular than film cameras?
Why people's eyes are red in photographs
Why do we "say cheese" when taking photographs?
What is the origin of the letter "f" in "f-stop"?



Photography by Alan C. Teeple
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