Movie Information & Purchase Using state of the art IMAX film technology,
enables you to relive the excitement
of the worldís most magnificent natural wonder
You will experience the thunderous rapids
of the mighty Colorado River ,
see ancient Indian inhabitants,
join John Wesley Powell
on his first exciting expedition,
and soar over the endless depths
of the Grand Canyon in a tiny ultralight .
Itís all in the full length version of
"Grand Canyon -The Hidden Secretes"
Available in VHS, NTSC, PAL and DVD

This spectacular film penetrates
the innermost depths of Grand Canyon,
taking viewers where they could never go,
showing them things they could never see,
through the startling reality of the IMAX® format

Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets

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IMAX Screen & Info
8"x 11" 160 Kbs


John Wesley Powell
John Wesley Powell

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

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